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Knowledge Hub Aichi

A center for creating and reporting on next-generation manufacturing technologies

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Website Terms and Policies

Website Terms and Policies

Management and Administration

Management and administration of the entire Knowledge Hub Aichi website is conducted by the Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology Regional Development Department. However, the websites of any groups using the Knowledge Hub Aichi are maintained and administered by those groups.

Copyright Statement

Knowledge Hub Aichi retains copyright on all data and information (text, photos, images, etc.) published on its website. Knowledge Hub Aichi also retains copyright for this website in its entirety as a compiled work and protects these rights in accordance with copyright law. You may not reproduce the contents of this website or create derivative works without permission, with the exception of acts that fall under the provisions allowed under copyright law, such as "quotes and citations" and "copying for personal use."


Although we are highly confident in the accuracy of the information published on the Knowledge Hub Aichi website, Knowledge Hub Aichi accepts no responsibility for any of the ways in which visitors may use the information contained in the Knowledge Hub Aichi website. The Knowledge Hub Aichi accepts no responsibility in any case for any damages or losses incurred by users while attempting to access the Knowledge Hub Aichi website.

Screen Resolution

This website is designed for a standard resolution of 1,024 by 768 pixels.

Universal Access

We have tried to design this website to comply with "universal access" guidelines so that it may be easily viewed and enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, gender, or physical disabilities. Specifically, we have tried to use lettering that is easy for the elderly to read, and we have done our best to make our website compatible with text-to-speech software for visually impaired visitors.

The recommended version of the browser

" Knowledge Hub Aichi" As a rule, you have to create As you can see in the latest versions of the following browsers.

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Preexisting Web Pages

The contents of preexisting web pages will be updated as opportunity allows and converted to conform to the policies stated above.

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