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Knowledge Hub Aichi

A center for creating and reporting on next-generation manufacturing technologies

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Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology (Leading core facility)

Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology

As one of the core pilot facilities at Knowledge Hub Aichi, the Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology works to create and report on next-generation manufacturing technologies. One activity that supports this goal is providing a space for joint projects between industrial, academic, and government organizations--projects that link the research ideas generated at universities to commercially viable activity at corporations. Another is offering analytical evaluations that make use of our sophisticated measurement devices. The center serves as a hub for the Industrial Reseach Center and other technology centers throughout the prefecture to offer comprehensive technological support for manufacturing companies.


Aichi Mikawa Dyeing & Weaving Experiment Station (Mikawa Textile Research Center) started operation
Aichi Owari Dyeing & Weaving Experiment Station (Owari Textile Research Center) started operation
Tokoname City Ceramic Research Center transferred to the Aichi Prefectual Government and reestablished as the Tokoname Ceramic Research Center
Mikawa Textile Research Center's Toyohashi Laboratory started operation
Aichi Industrial Research Institute (Industrial Research Institute) started operation
Tokoname Ceramic Research Institute's Mikawa Laboratory started operation
Aichi Food Industry Experiment Station (Food Research Center) started operation
Aichi Seto Ceramic Research Institute started operation
Aichi Industrial Research Institute started operation (Industry Guidance Center abolished)
Six industrial technology centers in Aichi prefecture merged and reestablished as the Aichi Industrial Technology Institute
Led operation of the Knowledge Hub Aichi joint industrial-academic-government research and development facility, reestablished as the Aichi Industrial Science and Technology Center


Research and development
The center conducts a variety of research and development activities, including the development of technologies that respond to the needs of the industrial world and joint industrial-academic-government research projects that build a bridge between the research ideas developed at universities and actual products sold by businesses. Outcomes are widely popularized among local industries to support companies in developing new technologies and products.
Requested testing (Measurement analysis and performance evaluations)
To help with quality management and product development, the center responds to requests from companies to make use of its sophisticated measurement and analysis devices to test, analyze, and measure a variety of materials and manufactured items.
Making and evaluating prototypes
The center supports companies by introducing basic manufacturing devices such as CAD systems, 3D modeling equipment, and simulators, then uses it to produce and evaluate actual prototypes.
Technical consultation and guidance
Researchers at the center offer consultation and guidance regarding a variety of technological issues associated with product development.
Provision of technical information/human resource development
The center holds lecture meetings and research conferences aimed at popularizing research and development outcomes and spreading information on new technologies. The center also develops human resources capable of creating and developing new products and technologies.

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