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A center for creating and reporting on next-generation manufacturing technologies

Knowledge Hub Aichi

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Floor Plan/Hours


8:45 to 17:30
Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays
New Year's holiday: 29th Dec. to 3rd Jan.

General plot plan

General plot plan

  1. Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology
  2. Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center
  3. New energy experimental study area
  4. Supply Building
  5. Parking Lot
  6. Retention Basin No.1
  7. Retention Basin No.2
  8. Tojishiryokan Minami Station(Linimo)

Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology 1-3F

Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology 1F

  1. Building Control Center
  2. Instrumental Analysis
  3. Electromagnetic Environment Test(Anechoic Chamber)
  4. New Energy Research AREA
  5. Science & Technology Exhibition Corner
  6. Research Support Department
  1. Sample Preparation
  2. Workshop
  3. Entrance Hall
  4. Administrative Department
  5. General Director's Room
  6. Special Conference Room
  1. Seminer Room
  2. Craftsmanship Workshop
  3. Aichi Intellectual Property Center
  4. Planning and Liaison Department
  5. Trial Production and Evaluation Laboratory

Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology 2F

  1. Aichi Science & Technology Foundation(ASTF)
  2. Laboratory
  3. Synchrotron Radiation Center Staff Room
  4. Conference Room
  1. Vending Machine Corner
  2. Researchers' Exchange Corner
  3. JST Super cluster program Aichi Office
  4. Laboratory

Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology 3F

  1. Terrace
  2. Lounge
  3. Conference Room
  4. Laboratory
  1. Clean Room
  2. Priority Research Projects Project Leader's Room
  3. Priority Research Projects Management Department
  4. Laboratory

Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center

Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center

  1. Preparation Room for user Experiments
  2. Director's Room
  3. Office
  4. Operation Control Room
  1. Small Conference Room
  2. Open Salon
  3. Conference Room
  4. Observation Corner

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